22 August 2011

What is this??


No card from me this evening - but I was wondering if you had a spare minute you could help settle a (small) argument.

I've added this charm to a card I've started but not quite finished:

Now I think it's a bee but my husband says it's a butterfly.  (Obviously I'm right!!)
If it helps to sway your decision at all - it came in a pack with some other charms one of which is a butterfly:

So what is it?

A: A bee - obviously!
B: Now I've seen the butterfly, I can see it's a bee
C: Nope, it's a butterfly
D: It's something else!

Thanks for your help!

Have a great evening!

Julie x

1 lovely people left a comment on my work!:

Sandra H said...

l'm just as puzzled!! l would hope its a bee could it be something completely different? please find out and let me know (although looking at it again l too think its a bee)!:) Sandra H