26 May 2011

Coming to a card near you ....


I just though I'd take a quick picture of all the stamps I printed and cut ready for colouring.  So far I've managed to colour 13 out of 36! 

Although taking a better look at the photo I suspect my toddler has been poking around with the camera as it looks smudged.  And on closer inspection of the camera I have found one toddler size finger print on the lense!  

Anyway just in case you were interested where they were from:
Little Girl  / Snowman - Heather Ellis.  
Fairies - Card Making and Papercraft free gift.
And the ones below were found via Free Digital Stamps
Giraffe - Limited Runs

Anyway thanks for looking - have a nice day! x

24 May 2011

Cake not Cards


I've realised I've not posted for ages, years even.  I'm not sure how that happened - but I seem to have had fate conspiring against me (my camera broke so I couldn't take any pictures of the few cards I have made and given to people) and being busy with life in general. 

I've just finished my maternity leave and have returned to work after a massive 14 months off (lots of holidays to use!) and am finding balancing working (even just the three days a week I do!), managing home stuff with a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old and fitting in time to craft challenging to say the least. But I'll get there - after all one of the amazing things about being a woman is the innate ability to do more than one thing at a time!

Anyway in all the time I've been away my baby boy turned one.  So I thought I'd share a picture of his birthday cake with you all.  If nothing more so you can have a chuckle at my feeble attempts. 

It's a lion - just in case you were wondering!

And for those of you out there who need extra laughs, then I though I'd share with you pictures of the cupcakes I made for my little girl's 2nd birthday way back in September.  I'd like to title this collection "Something went wrong at the Zoo."

I'm starting to get back into making cards - and for some fresh inspiration I bought quite a few digital images from Heather Ellis' website here, some were only 50p each which is a bargain - so I recommend you take a look. Last night I printed out lots and lots of digis to colour in so I can make some cards, and tonight I've coloured four little fairies, which in my book is big progress.  I'll take some photos with my fancy new camera later on this week so you can see all my images.

Somehow, while I've been away I've got two new followers, so thanks very much for that and hello to Angels & Diamonds and Sandra!

Also I was wondering if anyone has seen any good deals on Nestabilities Circles and Scalloped Circles?  If so would you be so very kind as to leave me a comment!! 

Cheers for reading!!