14 February 2011

The Super Secret Valentines Project - part 1.

I've been really rubbish these last couple of weeks  - downright lazy in fact so hopefully you'll all be giving me a virtual kick up the bottom to get me back on track. 

I have been working on a valentines project for my lovely husband - which I haven't been able to blog about as he reads this occasionally and I don't want to ruin the surprise. It's going well - but as it's valentines day today and I need to get a wiggle on and get it finished.

But I just though I'd quickly show you all my new toy I got it to use on the Super Secret Valentines Project- I'm like a child again...

Since I last posted I now have 10 followers!!  So I'd like to say HELLO to Doreen and Kat - I'll be popping over to visit your blogs soon.

Also one of my followers Irene has given me the Liebster blog award - which is so lovely of her - but I need to do a proper post all about that - but I didn't want her to think I was being rude ignoring her lovely present. You should have a look at Irene's lovely blog here.

So Happy Valentines Day to you all, my lovely husband is cooking tonight - so hopefully i'll be here to blog tomorrow!!  Only kidding!


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Craig said...

* kick * - as requested :-)

Hope you survived your valentines dinner though :-) I managed to float my dinner in wine to kill off any bugs :-)

Your newest follower here from Silver Thistle Beads :-)

You can catch my blog at www.silverthistlebeads.com/blog/