9 January 2012

World's Smallest Blog Candy Winner


Hope you're all having a good evening!

My blog is one year old today and to celebrate I've just eaten a rather delicious banana muffin on behalf of the blog!

I got my lovely little mini-me Emily to pick the blog candy winner out of a bowl, although she looks a bit startled in this picture!  You just see Ben at the side checking out the bowl to see if any of the other names are edible!

So the winner was Sandra!!  If you can email me your address I'll get your package sent off - my email address is imadeacard@gmail.com. You'll be pleased to know that the original chocolate is still in tact and has not been needed for any emergencies this week!

Thank-you to all my lovely followers - I wish I had a present for you all!

Julie  xx

2 lovely people left a comment on my work!:

Sandra H said...

Hi Julie, Oh wow this is so kind of you and say a big thank you to Emily for picking my name out of the bowl, my address details are on the way, and many congratulations on your 1st blogging .........Thank you so much l'm so overwhelmed:) Sandra H

Sandra H said...

Hi Julie, Word missed out there it should read 1st Year Blogging :) Sandra H