26 May 2011

Coming to a card near you ....


I just though I'd take a quick picture of all the stamps I printed and cut ready for colouring.  So far I've managed to colour 13 out of 36! 

Although taking a better look at the photo I suspect my toddler has been poking around with the camera as it looks smudged.  And on closer inspection of the camera I have found one toddler size finger print on the lense!  

Anyway just in case you were interested where they were from:
Little Girl  / Snowman - Heather Ellis.  
Fairies - Card Making and Papercraft free gift.
And the ones below were found via Free Digital Stamps
Giraffe - Limited Runs

Anyway thanks for looking - have a nice day! x

1 lovely people left a comment on my work!:

Donna said...

Keep going Julie...you're doing really well...I get bored after colouring 1 image let alone 36...go you :) Donna x