25 January 2011

Torn Paper Flowers

Cue more fan-girl screaming from me as I've now reached the dizzy heights of five followers - thanks people. So I just want to say a big hello to:

Irene, Kerri, Hippieaud (Aka Audrey) and a mystery anonymous person!!

I think I've figured out how to find your blogs so I'll be popping over for a visit later on!

After my efforts last week with the ribbon flowers I went in search of some new things to make - I didn't have to look very far as the Little Birdie Secrets blog used last week for the ribbon flowers had a tutorial for torn paper flowers.

Here's the experts picture:

and here's my attempt:

I'm really quite pleased with how they've turned out - especially the green and red ones - as the handmade paper (possibly Mulberry - but I'm not sure) has given a feathery effect.  I struggled to rip the yellow card - so used a water spray to wet the card first which made it heaps easier to tear.  I really can't remember where I saw that tip - I thought it was on the Little Birdie website - but when I read it back it wasn't there!

The yellow flower centre is a plain gold brad, while the red and green flower's centre is card candy - the layers are secured with a small blob of silicone glue.

The red flower is my favourite, I really want to make some more just because they are so pretty - so hopefully there will be a challenge somewhere this week called "use a red flower".

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Great job making those flowers, they're lovely!